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Wireless modem on Ubuntu

Due to an upcoming trip abroad, I was given a wireless modem so I wouldn’t be depended on the WIFI network which may not exist.

My laptop is unique in my company – not only it is the only Dell (apart from the iPhone team all the other laptops are Lenovo), it is the only one who runs Linux, Ubuntu 8.10 to be exact. This of course had caused some headache to our system administrator, but him being a great guy I’ve always managed to work perfectly.

I was given is the Novatel Merlin U740, together with some remarks that this will probably won’t work since I’m using Linux. At first I started to look for guides at the usual places – the wiki, ubuntu forums, etc. While doing so I’ve inserted the modem and opened the network configuration. Lo and behold, a ready mobile broadband connection was already waiting, created automatically by the system. All I had to do was to give it a meaningful name and set the correct number, and that’s it – I’m connected. The whole process took less than 2 minutes, most of them was the needless search for instructions. It was way faster than any installation of the same modem on any Windows based laptop…


Kudos to the Ubuntu guys!